MIMS - About us

What does MIMS stand for?

The acronym "MIMS" has a long history behind it and originated from our Australian counterpart. To cut the story short, in 1963 we had a monthly publication containing abbreviated product information: Monthly Index of Medical Specialities. Since then, MIMS has become synonymous in Australia for medical product information, and as a brand name it has evolved away from the meaning of the original derivation.
MIMS was brought to New Zealand by MIMS (NZ) Ltd in late 2001 as an electronic only resource in the form of MIMS Desktop and MIMS Integrated (MedTech 32). This range of products grew over the next 2 ½ years to include MIMS Online, MIMS on PDA and a range of MIMS Integrated products. The family of products reached its current total with the publication of MIMS New Ethicals in mid 2004.

Where are we located?

Situated on the friendly North Shore.

Who we are

We provide the medicines information resource used and trusted by health professionals across the country in both electronic and print formats.

When do the updates become available?

MIMS Integrated every month
MIMS New Ethicals January, July
MIMS Gateway every month
MIMS Mobile (Android, iOS) every month

How do I get MIMS?

Simply call 0508 464 676 to talk to our subscription team.

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