(Patient Information Leaflets)

When it comes to patient education, less is definitely more. MIMS PILs - patient information leaflets - provides you with information on over 600 New Zealand medicine brands.

The PIL sheets are designed for use as a handout after patient counselling and can be understood by most people. They are developed following research by hospital pharmacists, and feedback from patients, and are designed to answer questions most frequently asked by patients about their medication.

  • Concise
  • Economical print format
  • Easy to read
  • Fully searchable by generic or trade name
  • Each MIMS PIL sheet follows the same format:

  • Brand names.
  • What does the medicine do?
  • How should you take it?
  • What if you miss a dose?
  • Can you take other medicines?
  • What are the side effects?
  • What is the recommended action if a side effect occurs?
  • Other important information about medicine.
  • MIMS PILs is now part of MIMS Integrated subscription.

    MIMS PILs are written and maintained by the Departments of Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology, Canterbury District Health Board.

    Printing MIMS PILs

    MIMS PILs are designed to be printed on a single double-sided A4 sheet. The first page contains information unique to the medicine being dispensed. The second page has important information about medicines in general. As the second page is the same for all PILs, we provide it here for free download, click on the link below to get the PDF file that you can print yourself, printable either in colour or in grey scale.

    Free download

    How to get MIMS PILs

    You must have a MIMS Integrated subscription. Please call or email MIMS Support Team on 0508 464 676 (+649 488 4285) to subscribe.

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