MIMS Integrated (RxOne)

Your MIMS Integrated data subscription includes access to the following two products: MIMS Quick Reference and MIMS DrugAlert.

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An annual subscription to MIMS Integrated (RxOne) gives you access to MIMS Quick Reference and MIMS DrugAlert drug interaction checking fully integrated into RxOne software.

Updated monthly with your monthly RxOne Dispensary drugfile update, these valuable products provide interaction warnings when a medicine is being dispensed, or offers an ability to look up quick reference information at any time the software is operational.

Please contact 0508 464 676 to subscribe.


Technical support for issues regarding the use of MIMS within RxOne Dispensary is provided by the HealthSoft helpdesk (+64 9 300 7007).

Subscription and editorial enquiries are handled by MIMS Support Team on 0508 464 676 or support@mims.co.nz.

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